LOTEY ASSOCIATES - FINGERPRINTING is the subsidiary organization of LOTEY IMMIGRATION ASSOCIATES and operates under the same roof to optimize the services related to Immigration to Canada.


RCMP Fingerprinting is the supplementary service endeavor from the team of LOTEY ASSOCIATES who have been in service from 3 years now. It is the additional gesture to serve our clients and Good News to all our valuable clientele that they don’t have to hover all around for Immigration related and involved services.


LOTEY ASSOCIATES – FINGERPRINTING promises to deliver the best out of world’s nest. We believe to bring in the new revolution in the locality by merging the services of Immigration, Insurance, Air Tickets, and Biometric Fingerprinting.


Lotey Associates Inc is an RCMP accredited Fingerprinting Agency which is fully equipped for providing the most convenient Digital and Ink roll Fingerprinting.


We have been serving the clients from all cross the World from last couple of years with an advanced cutting-edge Live Scan digital fingerprinting technology through which fingerprints can be submitted within 72 hours of time period.  We offer all the major services in Brampton, Mississauga, and all-over Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


One of the RCMP accredited & certified office to clasp the fingerprints under CCRTIS (Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services) for civil purposes. Keeping eye on the Privacy Act, we ensure the clients about the information protection and confidentiality.


The company security officer Mr. Navneet Singh Lotey do possess the security clearance and are equipped with expertise training with significant amount of experience in this field.


We keep professionalism at its first rank and maintains customer satisfaction.



Digital Fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting or also known as Electronic Fingerprinting is one of the fastest and convenient way for attaining fingerprints which can be required for Canadian citizenship, Canadian immigration, US Entry waiver, pardon, employment and the vulnerable sector among others. Electronic finger prints are submitted to RCMP. We also provide submission of ink-roll fingerprints digitally through scan process to serve better to domestic and international clients. Our office is well equipped and maintained according to the standards of RCMP accredited fingerprints service agency providing best reliable experience which is unmatchable. With our advanced cutting-edge Live Scan digital fingerprinting technology, it ensures that the quality of the fingerprints be up to the mark in the system.

Digital fingerprinting can be mandatory for the following purposes:

Ø Immigration to Canada

Ø Canadian Citizenship

Ø Pre-Employment and Employment Screening by Private Industry

Ø Employment Screening for different all levels of Government

Ø Adoptions Screening

Ø Visa Requirement for other countries

Ø US Visa Waiver Applications

Ø Canadian Record Suspension (Pardons) Application

Ø Volunteer Employment

Ø Vulnerable Sector Employment where required by the local Police

Ø Business License where mandated by the government agency

Ø Fingerprinting submission to RCMP for Public Works and Government Services, Canada

Ø Fingerprinting for Government Contracts and Licenses

Ø Fingerprints to obtain Police Clearance from other countries such as USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Mexico, Somalia and others

Ø Name Change Applications

Ø Other civilian uses


Canadian Criminal Record Check /Name Check at LOTEY ASSOCIATES – FINGERPRINTING is performed in the way to drop-ship the fast, convenient and reliable Criminal Record Check/Name Check in Toronto, Mississauga & Brampton as well as surrounding areas. This is the process used to obtain Police Clearance certificates using just a name and date of birth. We are often able to provide these results on the same day or within 24 hours. This is one of the most efficient methods of identifying if someone has a clean criminal record.

People require criminal background checks for plethora of reasons like 

Ø Employment

Ø Visa / Border Crossing/Foreign Travel / work

Ø Professional licenses

Ø Volunteer work

Ø Group of five Sponsorship

Ø Immigration

Ø Name Change

Ø Other civil purposes


All FBI background checks include a summary of your criminal history to ensure an individual didn’t involve in any convictions while staying in the USA. The FBI compiles criminal history, sometimes called a "rap sheet", through information gathered from fingerprint matches obtained through RCMP accredited Fingerprinting Agency. We ensure guaranteed quality FBI fingerprints on the FD-258 form to perform FBI background check.

This can be required for immigration purposes in Canada, also for certain jobs, occupational licenses and admissions to certain programs in Canadian and USA colleges/universities.


All persons seeking criminal record check service must present 2 pieces of valid identification such as

Ø Canadian Driver License

Ø Ontario photo card

Ø Passport

Ø Citizenship card

Ø Permanent Resident card

Ø Certificated of Indian status

Ø Student card

Ø Canadian National institute of Blind (CNIB) card

Ø Federal/Provincial/Municipal ID card

Ø Military Employment card

Ø Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)