Mr. Navneet Singh Lotey, (RCIC – Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Commissioner for Oaths) has the professional background with engineering in Electronics and Communication with Bachelors and Post Graduate Diploma from India and Canada respectively. Later, he worked with Rogers where he equipped himself with the Customer Service Skills and with the flow of time, placed himself in good standing with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario as Mr. Navneet Singh Lotey is licensed to impart the Insurance and Investment services in the province of Ontario.

Subsequently, as of the conjunction with International Immigration firm, he has procured the Immigration Consultant License from ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) by fulfilling the requirements of passing the Immigration Consultant Diploma from Academy of Learning, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Now, as being licensed Immigration Counsel, Mr. Navneet Singh Lotey introduces himself in the Canadian Market to serve the community with value added services and proficient mastery of Canadian Immigration Law.

Plus, Mr. Navneet Singh Lotey, has placed himself in the authorities of government to appoint him as the Commissioner for Oaths who can sign the different kinds of affidavits.